We work with Fortune 500 companies because we are built to serve them. It’s in our wheelhouse to build the entire wheelhouse or any part of the wheelhouse. Today, our 120,000 square foot sprawling facility, boasting state-of-the-art equipment and resources, positions us as one of the top machine manufacturers in the Upper Midwest.

The mission of C.G. Hill & Sons is to manufacture, fabricate and repair the highest quality automated machinery, parts and services. We endeavor to lead the market in this regard through proactive relationships, innovations and customization. We strive to be recognized as a leader in response, delivery and quality. We, as a company, are committed to a process of continuous improvement in all facets of our operations.

The bar is high because we’re always raising it. These are the machines of progress. Your vision brought to life. Designed and built to exceed expectations in the name of helping your business thrive.


Over the years, C.G. Hill & Sons has had state-of-the-art facilities around the Twin Cities metro area. Our storied history is one of growth and expansion to accommodate our clients’ needs. Today, our operation resides across three different buildings in Mounds View, Minnesota, just a stone’s throw from the thriving downtowns of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Our facilities represent a cumulative 103,000 square feet of space to build, weld, paint and assemble manufacturing machines of all sizes. With three different designated assembly spaces, we have the facilities to handle any project. We are equipped with not only the highest quality machines to build your machines, but also the infrastructure needed to power those machines. Our ceiling heights and assembly cranes give us flexibility to assemble massive pieces of industrial equipment.

Building 1 – Main
5150 Quincy Street

• 32,000 sq foot machine shop
• 16,000 sq foot assembly area
• Electrical 1000 Amp 60 Hz 480v – plus 200 Amp 50 Hz Generator
• 50HP screw air compressor
• Vacuum system in assembly bays
• Assembly roof height of 24 feet
• Assembly crane system 48 foot by 180 foot, dual three ton bridge crane with 18’ clearance
• Air conditioned, LED lighting, breakroom, guest conference room

Building 2 – Assembly
5222 Quincy Street

• 30,000 sq foot assembly area
• Electrical 3000 Amp 60Hz 480v
• 50HP screw air compressor
• Assembly roof height of 30 feet
• Assembly crane system 35 foot by 140 foot, dual two-ton bridge crane with 24 foot clearance
• Air conditioned, LED lighting, breakroom, guest conference room and office

Building 3 – Assembly
5275 Quincy Street

• 25,000 sq foot assembly area
• Electrical 1600 Amp 60 Hz 480v – with 100 Amp 50 Hz Transformer
• 30HP screw air compressor
• Assembly roof height of 20 feet
• Assembly crane system 35 foot by 120 foot, duel half ton bridge crane with 16 foot clearance
• Air conditioned, LED lighting, break room and office space


Ultimately, we can take your project from start up to test run, all within our own facility. We specialize in web handling, including coating, laminating, converting, slitting, winding and calendaring projects. We’re built to scale so we can build to any scale. Your job will be on schedule and on budget. It’s another reason we’ve remained on top of the machining building business for over 70 years.


Mills, lathes, grinders, saws, drill presses and various other pieces of manufacturing equipment – not just cutting equipment, cutting edge equipment required to deliver age-old precision with modern efficiency.   

• 13 manual Bridgeport mills: 9” W x 42” L
• 1 manual horizonal mill: 14” x 67”
• 9 manual lathes: 25” diameter x 120” L
• 3 saws
• 1 surface grinder: 12” W x 24” L
• Assortment of hand grinders
• Assortment of drill presses
• Assortment of dust collectors


No job is too big or too small. We provide custom services for any sized job. From small-run parts manufacturing to custom-designed and built equipment, we are the one manufacturer you can count on to deliver a quality product, on time and at a reasonable cost.

• 13 CNC vertical mills: 40” X 84” X 30” (with 4th axis capabilities)
• 2 CNC horizontal mills: 40” W x 120” L x 32” T
• 5 CNC lathes: 11” diameter x 60” L
• MasterCam & SurfCam CNC programming software
• 3 NC mills
• 1 NC lathe
• 1 CNC wire EDM: 15” W x 22” L x 12” D
• 1 Mark Forged Mark 2 – 3D Printer capable up to 12.6” W x 5.2” L x 6.0” D


As we are proud to be your partner, we take pride in fostering partnerships integral to delivering the quality of products and services our reputation is built on. Our vendors understand and value our commitment to exacting calculations. The vendor services we outsource are listed below.

• Sheet metal and laser work
• Metal finishing
• Heat-treating
• Gear cutting and broaching
• Engineering


We’re in the business of getting the tiniest details right. Your designs are brought to life in our 120,000 square foot facility and can be completely customized based on your business needs. It’s the reason we are 73 years old and going strong.

• Purchasing
• Quality Control
• Programming
• Manufacturing
• Assembly


We strive to be recognized as a leader in response, delivery and quality. We, as a company, are committed to a process of continuous improvement in all facets of our operations.

• Build from your design or prints
• Mechanical assemblies
• Electrical assemblies
• Pneumatic assemblies
• Start up, debug, and test-run facilities


We employ the top welders in Minnesota and recruit only the most skilled craftsman. At our facility, we offer a variety of welding services to fit your project’s needs.

• Completely enclosed and ventilated department
• Heliarc capabilities
• Wirefeed capabilities
• 6 Mig/Tig welders

Experience with:

• Carbon steel
• Stainless steel
• Aluminum
• Frames


You provide the design and vision; we provide the capabilities to get it made on time and on budget. We work with the best design vendors and in-house engineers alike to create the most impressive and innovative manufacturing machines in the world.

• In-house programming
• Edge CAM
• Surf CAM
• Database transfer


Our large, in-house painting facility allows us to finish machines in the same place they were built. No need to hire out another company to get the job done.

• In-house, enclosed 20’ x 30’ paint booth


From beginning to end, we can take your project from start up to test run, all within our own facility. Our quality control inspection area allows you to test your product before delivery to make sure it is ready to hit the manufacturing floor running.

• Climate controlled inspection department
• Coordinate measuring machine–CMM
• Formal quality manual