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High-Speed 3M Tester Measures Granule-To-Sealant Adhesion.

3MCreated in a joint venture between 3M and C.G. Hill Company, our Granule Adhesion Test Machines (GATMs) were created for the shingle manufacturing industry to measure the adhesion strength of shingle sealants. By testing the bond between the mineral granules and the shingle surface, manufacturers are better able to improve the quality of their products. The four-head tester was designed to keep pace with the high output shingle manufacturers. Designed with four brush heads, the 4-head GATM quadruples your testing ability, by allowing tests to run across all four lanes at once. This eliminates the delays associated with single-head scrub test machines, and can increase your company’s overall productivity.
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On both machines, the brush heads are made from tempered steel, with wire bristle brushes that cycle together, for uniform granule adhesion testing results. The GATMs meets the Standard Test method for Granule Adhesion to Mineral Surfaced Roofing by Abrasion set forth ASTM D 4977. Developed by 3M, a worldwide leader in quality and innovation in the roofing industry, the GATMs are manufactured and marketed exclusively for C.G. Hill Company.

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